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Is Your Team a Hotel or House?

March 20, 2023

An odd question I know. But go with me here.

Having a team identity or in professional speak, a sub or micro-culture, is vital to your team's success. As long as it's not in conflict with the overall company's. When done properly it's the way your team specifically operates due to its unique function and makeup of team members.

A hotel has copy and paste rooms even down to the art in most cases. You can go from room to room and see little to no variety.

When it comes to a house, every room is different. Each has its own vibe and purpose while remaining part of the overall structure of the home: walls, roof, and foundation.

So what make a team's identity? It comes down to align on three important things: purpose, strategy, and respect.

1) Is your team aligned on the purpose of what they do? Do they believe in it?

2) Is your team aligned on the strategy of what you are trying to do together? Do they even know the bigger picture, so they connect their individual work to the broader goal?

3) Do they respect each other but, more importantly, do they respect you as their manager?

So are you as a manager relying on upper management to direct this broadly or are you digging in and ensuring your team is creating its own sense of belonging and cohesion through a connection to what the team is trying to accomplish?

In short, are you copy and pasting like a hotel, or are you creating a room within a home based on your unique purpose and makeup as a team?

Tip: reminder that respect isn't about friendship - you are there as a manager to help make your team successful, not to spill the tea ;)